It was October  and we were in Brescia. The occasion was the European Wine Blogger conference, the international convention among wine bloggers. We were in the space devoted to us and bloggers were trying our corkscrews when we met Mr. Brett Jones. Thanks to him we had the possibility to contact the guys from Vini Italiani.

Who are they? They love to be defined as a group of Italian entrepreneurs and professionals linked by their friendship and sharing a huge passion for Italian wines.  In November 2011 they opened Vini Italiani in South Kensington, London.  Vini Italiani (VI) is part store, part meeting space where you can chat with friends drinking Italian wines.

But it’s much more than this: it is an incubator of ideas, a place of wine culture, where Italian wines are the protagonists  between courses, tasting and events all in a warm and elegant atmosphere.

That is why we are so proud that VI sells Artis products,  and that the Italian design found his place also in London.



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