Pulling the cork from a bottle of wine is a simple gesture but never a trivial one. Simple as Spiral, the corkscrew with endless screw, essential in its shape and practical to use.
Its clean and elegant design and the great simplicity of use are made possible thanks to the high quality of the materials used and the precision in machining. The body is made from the whole piece of metal with CNC machines in special aluminum alloy with high strength, followed by brushing and polishing by hand.
The color and brightness of the metal don’t get ruined over time because they are protected by a special treatment of oxy-anodic coloration. Finally, the screw mechanism is made ​​with patented CNC equipment from a bar of high strength steel alloy.
To open the bottle is sufficient to place it on the bottle neck and screw clockwise.
A professional corkscrew with stylish design and extremely practical with a very affordable price.

Technical Sheet Corkscrew Spiral 

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