Once upon a time a workshop named Fazzini in the center of Verona. It was 1893/7 and the workshop was specialized in the sale of knives and scissors. Today this shop is still there and his story continues with Marco and Nicola, the fourth generation that gave the change to their father in this place full of history in the heart of the city. They added to scissors and knives accessories for the home, refined products, design objects, while they organized a restructuration of the shop keeping  the essence of the workshop  with the wood of the origin.

Fazzini is one of our retailers. We had a chat with Marco, to let you discover this special place.

Three words to describe the store
Quality, history and professionalism.

What does the customer look for in your shop?
He looks for things is not able to find in other stores. Our products are selected by a special research. Both me and my brother  travel a lot. In particularly to Paris and Frankfurt, cities very careful in design and research. The customer who comes to our shop knows that here there’s  a product that others don’t have a niche product that can stand the test of time.

Artis is technology and design. Which of the two people are looking for the most in your store?
Technology. Because  it is something very important to us and we communicate  it to our clients. Choosing Technology means look for a product that first of all works well. When we present Artis products we explain they are a single piece of aluminum, there’s not plastic and we show them the video of the work process to explain the quality of the purchase. Then of course, also the aesthetics is important, but to support the functionality.

Which one is the “plus” of an object  Made in Italy?
Certainly the quality. But also the attention to details, packaging, and presentation that is part of our culture.

It’s almost Christmas. Which of our products would you choose as a gift?
The Crick. A great product, beautiful and special, with a fair price.

Thanks Marco.


Corso Sant’Anastasia, 4 (map)
37121 Verona
Tel: +39 045 8000193 E-mail: info@fazzinicoltelleria.it
Website: www.fazzinicoltelleria.it

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