It’s young but already able to let people talk about itself. It’s the news one of the Artis Family, Ibis’ brother, which came out last year. It’s Speedy!

Speedy rethinks at the traditional model “Sommelier”. The signature is always the one of Giuseppe Todeschini, who introduced some fundamental functional innovations in the model.

First of all, the new model Speedy is characterized by an off-centre pin where is fixed the bottle lever.

This permits to open the bottle in only one movement, due to the variation of the length of the arm between the beginning and the end of the extraction. The final result  is exactly the same of the classical double lever corkscrews with only one big difference, with Speedy the operation is much easier: in fact the cork is easily and gently lifted from the bottle in a single action.

The second innovation is represented by the knife: it has a special ergonomic design that allows to extract it and put it back with one hand, without effort and no risk for ladies to break their nails.

Speedy is made from special alloys of aluminium and stainless steel, all hand polished and enhanced by a special  protective treatment to obtain many brilliant, age resistant colors; the weight is only 56 grams.

Did you already thing about Christmas presents?

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