As we had anticipated: last weekend more than 200 wine bloggers from all over the world came to Brescia for the annual edition of the European Wine Bloggers Conference. Hosted by the Consortium Franciacorta, Gabriella and Ryan Opaz and Robert McIntosh di Vrazon organized two days of this opinions exchange and updating among wine lovers from China to Argentina.

Artis was there and tried to involve  the bloggers with a game that we all remember from parties when we were kids: uncork and win.

Each participant was allowed to uncork two bottles choosing one or more corkscrews from our entire collection. The 40 lucky people who found a cork with the words “You win” brought back home a Crick corkscrew or an Ibis corkscrew as a gift. The Crick, has had great success and sympathy thanks to his original “ratchet” mechanism  that allows to easily uncork every kind of bottle.

We found  an environment lively and very receptive to our products. And genuine people, open to dialogue and debate. People able to rejoice with the “lucky win”, or get disappointed for not being so lucky. It was a nice experience, even from the human point of view.

We uploaded some pictures taken during the morning on our Facebook profile and Flickr. The video we made during the morning is still in the editing stage. We are going to share it in a few days.

(In the picture  a smiling George Taber showing the winning cork he has just found).

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